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Happy as can be

lespaul Jun 14, 2011

  1. lespaul

    lespaul Member

    Well, after a few problems after my purchase of my 2007 TDI 170 S-LINE SE, we had the clutch judder shortly after purchase and the following done. New clutch and flywheel. Local dealer did this under warranty

    Then had a strange noise from the turbo. After some aurguing with my local dealer a call to Audi UK and a new turbo, EGV valve and new tandem lift pump all under warranty too.
    The the car was not sitting right new rear shocks were fitted.

    And today it went to a differnt dealer for a final check, they fitted a set of wiper blades, new air filter and Audi UK picked up the tab.

    My thanks to Saqib Mughal of Audi UK in getting my problems sorted. Fantastic guy you have a problem go to him.

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