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Sold Hankook Ventus S1 tyres 225/40/18

f1nny Nov 10, 2017

  1. f1nny

    f1nny Active Member Team Glacier TFSI Owners Group s tronic S-line owners group Audi A1

    Also for sale.

    Two used AO Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tyres. 225/40/R18. 92Y

    One tyre has 4.4mm - 4.5mm.

    Second tyre has 4.0mm - 4.1mm

    Both manufactured week 26 2016

    Looking for £15 each. Collection only from certain parts of Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

    Can do them for £10 each if buyer arranges on postage.

    They’re taking up space in my shed so I want rid.

    PM if interested.

    57C7AEF6-8399-473D-B420-1796AD34FD8F.jpeg 320BEEA9-F432-41CF-A193-2E82851ECD20.jpeg 9677763C-EEF1-46E2-8EC5-B608EB504179.jpeg 4DFC9E28-564C-42A5-A704-6DAE071F9A40.jpeg D58F871F-2249-4902-8057-1544640BD519.jpeg 1E999457-D095-4137-BF86-9500BAB2B04D.jpeg 76350390-9E6F-4B0C-8B46-090F9492D706.jpeg 978582CD-C3F2-42F2-9636-FA000D6193F3.jpeg
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