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Handbrake override and steering lock

m0cea Aug 23, 2009

  1. m0cea

    m0cea New Member

    Hi I've finaly got myself another Audi after a few years with a Bora (superb workhorse!). Its an 06 Avant 3.0L tdi le mans model.

    I bought the car without its interior and keys. However even after getting a key sorted I still cannot release the handbrake or the steering lock as the immobiliser seen to activate the ignition as well. I need to move the car to the dealers to get programme the new key to the immobiliser but I still need to release the handbrake to load it back on the recovery truck getting it off was hard enough.
    There is no mention of an override in the manual however on the ETKA there is mention of an override key in the form of a T30/T40 torx so it must be possible to release these somehow. Does anybody have any idea how without dismantling the units?

    Also is there an easy way to relese the steering lock as the wheels are not straight either. I have currently got the track rods removed so I can straighten the wheel.

    Got a few mods planned already!

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