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handbrake adjustment

JR6 Oct 16, 2009

  1. JR6

    JR6 JOHN


    Does anyone know where to adjust the handbrake on my A6 avant 53 plate,nothing is obviously apparent in that ive looked inside the car and under,my only further thought would be is it possibly behind the heat shield for the exhaust,ran out of time to look further,will investigate further hopefully with some fresh advice.
    Cheers in advance
  2. BigCol

    BigCol New Member

    The adjustment is internal. You will need to dismantle the rear centre console to gain access.
  3. DGSdale

    DGSdale Member

    Thats not entirly accurate; This is the text copy & pasted from Elsawin, Audi's electronic workshop manual:

    On 4WD vehicles the handbrake cable adjusting elements are located in front of the rear lower transverse links.

    On FWD vehicles they are in the tunnel on the underside of the vehicle.

    They're very easy to find & get to on quattros, about 6" away from the caliper each side, not quite so easy on FWD. They are a 'barrel' type adjuster where you need to hold one part & turn the other. Strictly speaking you should gain access to the rear of the handbrake lever to lock a compensating plate in place to stop it rotating so that the pull on each cable is even. If you're just making a small adjstment to take out slack when the h/brake is in the off position, you can get away with just doing both sides evenly but do make sure there is a small gap between the small lever that the cable pulls on at the caliper on each side & its stop on the caliper body . This gap should be equal both sides & must not be more than 1.5mm. Obviously check the wheels are free to rotate with the h/brake off.

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