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halogen headlight hell

the jammy one Oct 10, 2010

  1. the jammy one

    the jammy one Member

    hi im currently in the process off changing my b6 to a b7 but my headlights are not working properly my old ones where halogen ones and my new ones are also halogen ones i think that they must have changed the wiring round but i cant find a diagram anywhere and currently now cant drive at night due to no lights this is my daily drive and have kids and a misses and we now have no car its beond bearable i found a diagram on audizine but it didnt match must be difrent over there i dont even have a clue how id be able to test the wires to figure what went where please can sumone help it isnt even on my workshop manual
    many thanks jay
  2. 88mu88

    88mu88 Member

    Audizine a US website, so their wiring diagram will probably be a US version. There is a difference in wiring of US and Euro.

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