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Haldex Oil Leak (I Think) - Need Help

helldriver Jan 8, 2012

  1. helldriver

    helldriver New Member

    Hi everybody. I'm new to this forum, and new to the Audi world. I am an owner of a 944 Porsche Turbo for 17 years now, and my wife decided that she wanted a sports car too, but more modern, so she chose the Audi TT225 HP Quattro Coupe. My problem is that I had the car parked in the driveway and I saw a little dot of oil on the ground (right under the cars rear), where the Haldex unit is. I jacked up the car, and I noticed a lot of oil around the unit, . I know its hard to tell . I already ordered the Haldex Oil Kit, but I would still like to know if any one you guys have ever had this problem before? it seems as if it is coming from the seal in between the Haldex and the shaft, but again, its hard to tell. Thats what probobly makes it spray all over the place. I put my hands on the filter, and it actually seems pretty dry. Thank you guys. I hope I'll get an answer. I don't want to put the new filter in with new oil, and still have the leak. Thank you.

    - Paul[ ][​IMG]
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2012
  2. towcestervag

    towcestervag Member VCDS Map User

    clean off with gunk or something then run car and recheck
    ive had them leak from gasket at side and driveflange seals
  3. rodhotter

    rodhotter New Member

    with the sound panels off and rear jacked up you can see the haldex unit, plug uses lo!! torque and is easy to strip, lots of other drive parts there to eyeball as well

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