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Haldex oil change..

Flight 666 Jan 2, 2011

  1. Flight 666

    Flight 666 Member

    Hi guys just changed my Haldex oil/filter today but didn`t warm up the old oil first had my S3 sat on ramps in my garage the last few weeks so just got on with the job.will this make any difference to anything left the unit draining long enough to empty thourougly.What is the reason for warming it up? can only think it`s to make the old oil more viscous.Thanks for any info..
  2. coyle

    coyle From Show... to GO

    pretty much sure you're right, higher viscousity helps the oil drain more
  3. quattro1

    quattro1 Member

    id go with the above, i cant see any technical reason why it would matter.

    what sort of job was it? desperately needing mine done, just not sure if i should let audi do it or have a crack at it myself! lol
  4. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    For an Audi TT but very similar.

    You only need to drive the car for 10 minutes to warm the oil up, this is only to help it all come out the box. The warm it is the runnier it is and easier to drain.

    Haldex oil / Filter change
  5. Flight 666

    Flight 666 Member

    Thanks guys will leave it be.The job is easy enough in itself although I wouldn`t go along with some of the ideas on some sites of bending the nozzle over and fitting bits of tube to the end of the gun etc.I used a mastic gun and drove the car near as damn it 500mm high on a ramp I fabriacted up.This made life easier and safer.I would reccommend the proper spanner as the filter is fiddly to do but not hard bought all stuff from GSF...just re-fill from the drain plug with the gun and re-fit the plug quickly (I used a 5mm allen key with the plug allready on the long section to make fitting it less fiddly with your fingers)..

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