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Haldex Fluid and filter change (5 speed)

m5racer Aug 21, 2007

  1. m5racer

    m5racer New Member

    alright i have an 2001 a4 and i want to do a haldex fluid and filter change tomorrow. my firend has already dont it on his tt. the porblem is that i cant seem to find a DIY for the B5 A4. Does anyone know where i can get one? i want to do it tomorrow when i cange other fluids. thansk for your help
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    The A4 doesn't have a Haldex clutch. It has a torsen centre differential. It is located between the gearbox and the propshaft to the rear wheels. it is lubricated by the gearbox oil so if you want to change the oil you need to drain the gearbox.
    Spec for oil “SAE 75 W 90” (synthetic oil) according to specification -G 052 911 A-.

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