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hailstone hurts

Discussion in 'A3/S3 Forum (8L Chassis)' started by shanejess, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. shanejess

    shanejess Guest

    sold my avus wheels this morning met the guy at charnock services, pulled of car park and headed towards slip rd and i farted so i put my window down i had a loverly king prawn korai last night, anyway just as smell was going i tried to put window up and it just went up 2inches and then dropped back down, by this time im doing 70mph on the M6, after pulling and pushing switch numerous times their was a sort of bang the window dropped fully and i could see a thin catenery type wire sticking out of were the window comes up. **** me then the heavens opened, i drove for 25 miles with the rain bouncing off the tarmac, just as i thought things couldnt get worse it started to hailstone jessusss that hurt my face neck and hands, any way i took S3 to autograph cars used to be called racetech, baz their said my regulator has gone its going to be their untill tuesday as carnt get parts till then, im having new thermostat fitted at same time as temp never gets passed 70, their was a mk1 TT in their that was having a fortune spent it was the 3.2, its just had a 5 grand head done by cnc heads and autograph have just fitted a GT35 turbo, its going to be some car apparently the guy who ones it is a member on the TT forums, 550bhp plus. anyway back to thread hailstone ffuucking hurts.
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