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Had "The Loaner"

mramage Apr 24, 2003

  1. mramage

    mramage Member


    Well, car was in at the dealers for various things (see other about to write post). Got an A4 1.9 TD-red-i (130 I guess) loaner.

    First time I've driven one of them. Nice car, loads of pull from low revs. Some pretty serious pull in second gear off roundabouts. Cruised nice, quiet. Overall, well impressed.

    Here's the thing though. It's ESP was hyperactive. There's a local roundabout at work and half way round it I floored it and kept it floored as the ESP cut throttle and finally did it's braking thing. All the time though, the car pretty much held the line and kept going. Mucho torque! If I'd done that in the S3, I'd have understeered into the kerb, or worse! Just seemed too easy in the A4.

    I asked the tech. about the ESP (re: S3) and he said it's updated often and the most recent revisions in certain cars will allow more "play" than others, including between similar models such as S3/TT. He did actually say that there was critism of it cutting in early and Audi revised it on some models. This *might* explain some of th ESP differences we see on the board, but maybe not.

  2. AL_B

    AL_B Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 DSG

    Interesting. Doesn't explain how my car, an 03 model, sounds like it as a more sensitive ESP system then your S3.

    Is your MY02 or MY03?

  3. mramage

    mramage Member


    Er, I presume 03, it sat at Motorpoint for two weeks before I got it and it has an October German dealer date.

    Apparently though the software can be updated as often as 6 months intervals. Maybe a way to tell on VAG-COM???

    Quite agree though Al, I would have thought our cars were the same. See how it goes at Buxton if there's time/road to have a look.
  4. amoffat

    amoffat Member

    They are completely right about the various revisions with ESP.

    After test driving the Leon Cupra R, I commented on how good the ESP was i.e. no kangarooing, progressively applied... they said that the Cupra R had the latest VAG traction control (ESP) system.

    It was extremely good, makes you wonder why they can't flash the ECU to make the revisions, so I assume it must be a new part(s)?
  5. mramage

    mramage Member

    The A4 traction side was very suble in it's power cutting, but I think it's much easier when you've only got two wheels to consider. It also allowed a little spin from a standing start. Handy.

    In defence of the S3, I think the traction issue is somewhat more complex with the Haldex since the fronts are always driven. It's not just a matter of are the fronts slipping, but the rears also.

    In the snow I could get the traction control side of things to cut in quite smoothly, so it's certainly capable. I suspect it's the EDL that's the problem, cutting excess spin rather than just cutting power, hence the kangaroo. Quite prepared to be wrong. Can someone explain when EDL would be used rather than just cutting engine power?

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