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Had my 2.5 tdi remapped, wow what a diffrence.

mat_vw May 8, 2011

  1. mat_vw

    mat_vw Member

    I have been looking to get my car remapped for a long time and yesterday i did just that.

    The low end torque has increaded nicely, but when you get to 2.5k the power really starts to pick up, once you hit 3k the torque and acceleration is amazing.

    It just does not feel like a diesel anymore, I have not stayed below 2.5k cuz i am loving the extra power.

    The tuner told me he could achieve 30-40 BHP & 70-80 nm increase and it definaly feels like thats what he has achieved.

    So my car has gone from 150BHP 310Nm to around 180-188BHP 380-390Nm will only find out proper figures once I have it rolling roaded. He also said i could get even more power out of it if i wanted, which would be a case of taking the chips out and editing the map on them which would not take that long.

    He spent nearly 4 hours doing my car, because my car is pre 2000 model he had to change two chips in the ecu so that the new mapped ones could be put in. i have already beaten BMW 325 petrol on acceleration,which used to pull away on me.

    So i am am writing this mainly to say thanks and it was really not that expensive either £265, if anyone else has 2.5tdi really recommend getting it done. (www.chiptuners.co.uk) Oh and they come to you if you want.
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