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had a3 for a while now and got a couple of questions. bit pic heavy

a3oms Feb 18, 2010

  1. a3oms

    a3oms New Member

    hey all, i have been following the forums for bout 5-6 months now but i've only just made an account and this is my first post so bear with me.

    anyho i after my first car, a ford fiesta was getting old, head gasket went, hole in silencer etc, i decided it that it was a time to get a new car. had my heart set on a couple of things that were in my budget of bout 3-5k and i was looking for about 4 months from dec 08 to bout ap 09. anyway i looked round and with the recession an all i managed to get myself an A3 Quattro T sport for 4.5k. i absolutely love this car and i've had it for nearly a year now and still cant believe that its my car!

    i've had a couple of stuff that i wanna clear up, first is that my car was serviced last march, and i was gonna do it next month, but i read a msg from the onboard cpu sayin that my next service is in 1600 miles. now i dont drive a lot maybe 2-3k a year, and i never serviced my first car so was wondering if i shud service my car next month or when the cpu says?

    and wats with the cup holder? is it only in the s line and they used a standard dashboard for all a3 models? mine doesnt open and i dont wanna try to pry it open incase i break it and have a stupid hole there.

    and another thing was since last month, the power has been a bit strange, its doesnt seem to deliver it properly thru all the revs seems to jump pretty fast from 2.5k to 3.5k revs and seems to be getting more noticeable. a friend of mine suggested that it might be the clutch not engaging properly??

    and finally, i've picked up a few nasty stone chips:



    the first one is a deep chip and by the looks of it some rust might hav started to settle in. the second one is are a couple of scratches.
    i have no idea how to get rid of either of them out? is anyone able to help, or anyone know any good bodyshops near staines/Ashford in surrey where i can get them fixed?

    thx for ur help peeps.

    finally some piccys of me pride and joy :)



  2. s3 Hoggy

    s3 Hoggy Whats going on???

    lovely Car fella!

    Sorry to say but that sounds suspiciously like clutch slip!

    Cheers Matt
  3. MURRAYS444

    MURRAYS444 Member

    Yeah nice car for your scratches if rust has developed you can buy a solution that will take away the rust if its slightly dented it will need to be filled but the respraying of the panels wont cost much hope this helps I bought my car with a few chips but i got the bonnet the front bumper and wings sprayed for £200!!!
  4. Keeno

    Keeno Spooly Spooly Boosty Boosty!

    Do the revs jump when you put your foot down and kind of sit there for a minute before the car actually starts accelerating? If so yeah, I'd second (or third) the clutch slip diagnosis. Best way to test to to try and pull off from stationary in 4th/5th. If you manage it the clutch is going, should really just get a flat stall...
  5. a3oms

    a3oms New Member

    no its not dented or anything, just some scratches which are a bit deep.

    yea they do jump and then u can feel the power kicking in after. ill giv that pulling off drom higher gears a go.

    anyone able to tell me bout the servicing on when i shud get it done? next month or in 1200 (not 1600 my bad) miles times??
  6. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    sounds like you should just take it to a dealer or whatever and get them to sort it out. its what theyre there for
  7. sulaiman

    sulaiman Member

    I feel bad for pointing this out but do you realise the passenger door has been changed on your car? They havnt done it very well as they fitted a pre facelift door on a facelift car (door handles are different on the pass side compared to drivers)

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