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Had a close one last night!

s33nyboy12 Feb 8, 2013

  1. s33nyboy12

    s33nyboy12 Well-Known Member Team Ibis Team V8 Audi R8 s tronic

    I was on my way home from the mums last night on the local a52 road when I nearly had an almost unexplainable accident. I was going around a bend not sharp but more of a mid length sweeping left at approx 40mph, I changed from 2nd to 3rd and just blipped the throttle when the front started to oversteer and the rear end started to slide!

    I kept away from the barrier , the traction kicked in nicely and I just missed the kerb :). I was puzzled to what had happened so I spun around and went back checked the road , there was no diesel or oil visible on the road and it wasn't wet with outside temps of approx 4 degrees.

    Jacked my car up today , whipped all four wheels off and had a look......... I've got decent tyres all round, suspension seemed ok, springs fine, arb fine ect. Then just when I was going to give up I see a power flex bush on the rear driver side just the one! Check passenger side there is another power flex bush but in a different place!

    I've got 2 odd and non paired power flex bushes on my car , so my question is ( I think I already know the answer) would this cause the car to act how it did?

  2. Greig300

    Greig300 Member

    Similar has Happened to me a couple of times... The Haldex system is fwd until traction is lost and sends power to the rear wheels doesn't help when haldex can be slow to react and can cause a slide. Also changing gear or coming off throttle mid corner is any car can cause the back to step out.

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