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Hack Your Phatnoise, the easy/cheap way (up to 256GB!)

giblets46 Nov 12, 2008

  1. giblets46

    giblets46 Member

    Hi all, have just hacked my phatnoise with the new software from www.phathack.com . In the past you had to mess around with MS-DOS and Command Prompts, but they now have some nifty software where you put the DMS in the craddle and it basically does the entire operation for you! I can recomend it for two very good reasons:
    1. It allows you to upgrade your DMS cartridge from 20GB to pretty much anything. Mine was full and literally last night I upgraded it to 80GB, with a £15 hard drive (phatnoise inc Cost £200), very much easier than I anticipated!
    2. As phatnoise no longer support the Phatbox/ Phatnoise, if your DMS dies then you are up the creek, as it has certain files that you NEED for it to run. The phathack software makes a back up of those files on your PC, so should you ever need to replace the harddrive, it makes it a very simple operation (and far cheaper than having to buy the whole thing again!

    So, how do you hack your phatnoise?
    Download the Phathack DMS tools software from http://forum.phathack.com/index.php/topic,1641.0.html (see screen grab of the interface), and it is literally as simple as below (the image).

    1.Put the DMS in the craddle, run the software in windows,
    2.Put the DMS in your phatnoise in the car for 10mins (it updates the firmware).
    3. Put the DMS in the craddle to check it updated the firmware correctly.
    4. Whip out your old hard drive, and put in a new one (I bought an 80GB Hitachi travelstar for £15).
    5. Put it back in the craddle to format the new hard drive correctly,

    6. Add your music!!

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