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H7 4,300K HID kit BNIP

Gizmo68 Dec 2, 2012

  1. Gizmo68

    Gizmo68 VCDS & VCP owner in Kent VCDS Map User

    I have for sale two sets of H7 35w 4,300K (the whitest kits available) HID kits with super mini sized ballasts (70mm x 63mm x 15mm)

    They have the (better) metal H7 bases and ceramic insulation (they are the top ones):

    One kit has been opened, the other kit has not been opened, they are not in retail packaging (fancy box) but are boxed.

    They are non CANBUS kits so ideal for pre FL cars (without the BCM controller) just code the central elec. 09 controller for ‘xenons without shutters’ (BCM controllers do NOT have this option, so I cannot guarantee they will work on them)
    this is the safer way of fitting HID’s as CANBUS kits can fry the wiper motor.

    These need to fitted behind projector (round ‘eyeball’ inside the headlight) to prevent scatter!

    Looking for £25 per kit

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