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H&R sway bars size and suspension set up

laurent.d Sep 10, 2008

  1. laurent.d

    laurent.d Member

    My car is an Audi A3 2.0 TFSI DSG S-Line and get B8 Bilstein shoks and Sport Line Eibach Springs plus a Morego Power Grip which give 2° of negative front camber.

    I have H&R sway bars, 28 front set on soft and 24 rear set on hard.

    Without the H&R sway bars, the car was very efficient neutral and then slight over steering at the limit.

    Now, it's even more efficient, the handling is amazing and even scaring on open road because the car is incredibly fast around corner.

    But the car is more neutral slightly under steering under hard acceleration and slightly over steering on the brakes.

    And the big sway bars give to the car a harsh handling on rough roads.

    So I’m considering going to 26 H&R front sway bar.

    May be this softer front sway bar would give the car a more over steering biased chassis. Of course with both front and rear sway bars set soft or hard.

    Does anybody here get any experience about that? (Front 26 and rear 24 both on hard or on soft)

    This combined with my next B16 PSS10 Bilstein shocs, it would allow me to have a soft setting for daily road use and a hard setting for Nürburgring use.

    Thank's for your reply

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