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H&R Spacers + 35mm Springs = rubbing?! Any ideas pls...

MG Feb 3, 2010

  1. MG

    MG Member

    OK, so I finally got around to getting a couple of mods done – photos to follow (when I can work out how to add them):

    I’ve fitted H&R spacers front and back (bought these from mitch78 - thanks again!). From memory the front were 10mm and rear 15mm.
    I’ve also had fitted 35mm H&R lowering springs. I was hoping for a bit more of a drop over my old std S-Line springs but can’t afford coilovers right now – hopefully it’ll settle a bit lower anyway.

    However, on the rear passenger side I’m getting an occasional noise over some bumps which I presume is the wheel rubbing somewhere on the arch. I only have standard 18” RS6 style wheels, (225 tyres, not sure of the wheel offset) and this doesn’t happen on the rear drivers side...

    I haven’t yet had a full 4-wheel alignment done. While I will get this done surely the wheels can’t be far enough out of alignment to cause the rub? 15mm spacers and the 35mm springs seem a common mod but I don’t think I’ve read other reports of rubbing.

    Any ideas?

  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    What are the offset of your wheels?

    for example if they are et50, the rear will then read et35 with 15mm spacers which IMO is too much

    the 225 tyres might be too high as well

    if you look face on at the wheel, at around 2o'clock on the arch, there is a screw which holds on the bumper. a lot of the time when scuffing occurs, this screw is the culprit.

    take the screw out, it will do no harm and the bumper will still remain on. try this out and see if the scuffing goes away - it did on my coilovered TDI
  3. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    try removing the screw on the inside of the rear bumper where it meets the bodywork and on the front there is on at the top in the centre that may rub occasionally
  4. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    boydie beat me to it
  5. MG

    MG Member

    Thanks Chaps, I had noticed the screw and thought of removing it. However, if it's the screw surely it would be rubbing on both sides not just the passenger?

    Not sure. Is there a way I can find out? As far as I know they are just bog standard 18" 5 spoke wheels found on many S-Lines like this : http://www.autoweb.co.uk/WSCarDetails.asp?cdID=8416954

  6. mrgicm

    mrgicm Phantom black S3/

    dont remove the screw, it will eventually cause problems, just take it off, grind the half of the head down and put it back on. Did that and problem solved, takes 15-20min... :)
  7. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Standard S line wheels are ET54 so that makes them ET39 with the spacer. I'd assume that would scape to be honest!
  8. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    What sort of problems? I've had the screws taken out of mine for about 15,000 miles or so I think and have had no problems.
  9. MG

    MG Member

    OK thanks guys, I'll try removing the screw as this is seems preferable to me grinding it down to be honest. This doesn't answer why only one side seems to rub... I'll get the wheel allignment booked in too and hopefully I'll be sorted.
    I assume that's the offset on mine then, is there anyway I can confirm? However, the drop has been absolutely minimal and with 18" wheels I didn't expect issues with rubbing but then I'm not remotely qualified or experienced in these types of mods! I've just read lots on here about cars running 19" wheels/coilovers/spacers and my mod seems modest in comparrison.
  10. a3glenn

    a3glenn 6th gear

    mine is lowered 35mm, and seems to sit quiet low, (there are a couple of pics in the meet at lakeside thread(mine is the crystal blue A3)
    i did have some rubbing at the back, removing these RH 2 o'clock, LH 11 o'clock screws stoped this (mrgicm said dont remove these screw?)

    my wheels are after market (225/40/18) and i think the off set is ET54 there is no way i could fit spacers on mine.

    did put a set of s-line 18" wheels on last week and there was loads of room for spacers, dont know why they did not stick out as much.


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