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Gutted, selling my Audi!

cossie Aug 22, 2012

  1. cossie

    cossie Member

    As per title had to put my 1.8t up for sale, working for myself now so needing a van. The really anoying thing is how little money i'll get for it due to its age, worth so much more to me because its mine and ive loved the last 3 and a bit years of ownership. I bought it thinking id keep it for a year then get something else but absolutely loved it. In fact, i was now intending to keep this car for good but i need money towards a van. Hopefully it'll sell quickly as its got 11 months mot and 5 months tax. On the plus side if my buisiness does ok i'll get back into an Audi sooner rather than later!
  2. Reyes

    Reyes Member

    Oh no :( every Audi I've had has made me wanting another. Hope to see you back soon and good luck with the business.

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