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Guidance please

braders Dec 18, 2012

  1. braders

    braders Member

    Ok so i thought i would throw a question in on what to do with the s3

    First i went for a remap at awsome GTI, the put it on the ramp and the results were 297 hp and 286ft-lbs
    the said they didn't want to remap it as that was already over standard, so they said go straight for stage 2.

    so i fitted the forge twin take air box, a scorpion cat back system with a miltec sports cat, what to do next??

    looked at an inter cooler for it (Forge Twintercooler - S3 8P - S3 (8P) - Audi - Shop By Car) or a SACHS clutch, the first one (ZF Performance Kupplung Audi S3 - S-Performance GmbH thought this make as its well known) before the remap. Any advice or sugestions would be nice as i'm not sure which inter cooler or which clutch.


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