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GTO TT Vs A4 S4 4.2 V8 ?

turbomart May 17, 2004

  1. turbomart

    turbomart New Member

    Hello everyone in Audi land,

    on the way home from a northweald RWYB event on sunday, I had a an Audi A4/S4 estate or Avant I think they are called, come up behind me at a great speed of knotts, just as i was approaching a roundabout so I thought I would see how it compered to my GTO TT....I was quite supprised as it stuck with me mostley untill we got to, shall we say "silly" speeds, by this time I had pulled about 5-600 yards on it......i was interested to find out wot it was so I slowed down and pulled into the slow lane to let him past....all I could see on the back was 4.2 V8. could somebody please give me the performance figures for onr of these beasts.

  2. ultrasporta4vk05

    ultrasporta4vk05 Member

    hello guys,
    Audi do make s4 avants, its possible that it was one and he just put a 4.2 badge on the back of his car. Another posibility could be an audi allroad, which does have 300hp!! impressive for a wagon i thought, but check out the audi site, maybe the pics will help you find out.

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