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Gti Engineered 90 Quattro (HEEEELLP Quick!)

- May 3, 2005

  1. Guest

    Hi all, Iv been hunting around and Iv just found a 90 quattro on an E plate. Its had a 2.5 Gti engineering conversion.

    its done 100,000 yet has a FSH 3owners. They want £1,995 for it.

    What du all think, it says its at 187ps (Bout 184bhp)
    What du recon 0-60 etc..... will be? Also will it have the oil gauges etc and lockable rear diff? Any help much appreciated!

    Thanx for the help in advance!
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    0-60 7-7.5 secs :S maybe

    i would guess its 2.5 litre has been done fairly recently so in good shape.

    guages and diff not sure i guess it varies on models

    sounds pretty cool, the conversion probably cost near couple grand

    quattro is awesome anyway...
  3. imported_nadger

    imported_nadger Guest

    all gti engineering modified cars came with a company embossed verification plate under the bonnet so you should be able to ascertain when it was done and at what mileage etc by cross referencing it against the service history.

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