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GT5p anyone?

AL_B Dec 18, 2008

  1. AL_B

    AL_B Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 DSG

    Anyone still go on this regular?

    I've always avoided the online racing due to bad press from folk on the AVForums, i.e. online you always get idiots just shunting you off, rather than proper racing.

    Went on the other night and they guys on AVForums were right, races were full of idiots.

    Anyway, just wondered if any of you guys still go on it or not.


  2. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    The game bored me quite quickly, well dissappointed....always loved the Gt games. Hopefully when the full game comes out it will be a lot better...
  3. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    From time to time yes - add me onto your friends list and I'll give it a blast the next time you are online!

    It's gonna be a long time until the full version is going to be released - I think the prologue is a good game - yes there are idiots, however there are occasions when you can have a good non bumper car experience.

    We should sort a GTP night out - there seems to be enough PSN id's on here to take up a track to ourselves, so long as we can co-ordinate our logons!

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