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GT28RS - What figures can you see?

CLS3 Mar 15, 2007

  1. CLS3

    CLS3 Every penny goes on the Audi!!

    Hi all,

    I have seen a couple of Garrett GT28RS turbo's for sale floating around and I wondered what sort of power figures you can see from them?

    After a quick search I can see people running 330-350bhp with them, but tuning by the DervDoctor (www.dervdoctor.co.uk) they say they can get 400bhp from one. Will it run this?

    Basically I am happy to run 230bhp in my 1.8T Quat Sport for a while and then over the next year or so I want to collect together all the parts needed for a 400+bhp conversion. and I was wondering what turbo people would suggest is my best option.

    Thanks guys.:icon_thumright:
  2. dultanur

    dultanur all promises, no action :)

    i beleive the turbo is upto delivering around 400bhp but the internals wont handle it. i'm sure someone with more expertise will come along shortly :)
  3. genecan

    genecan New Member

    The internals will handle. The torque of the 28RS comes nice and smooth. You would need connecting rod upgrades for numbers higher than 400 bhp - like for 71R.
  4. simch

    simch Active Member

    stock internals will be pretty safe to 330-350hp and similar torque figures in lb ft.
    but more than that and you are asking for trouble, most BTs running stock internals that have pushed things beyond this have gone pop eventually.
  5. p-torque.co.uk

    p-torque.co.uk Member

    Hi Chaps

    Approx 350bhp is sensible to ensure the reliability of the engine itself.

    I personally would not recommend tuning to 400bhp. The turbo can boost efficiently to produce this, but as some of you have already said, the internals wouldn't hold up for too long.
  6. loftgroover

    loftgroover Member


    Id suggest that this turbochager is not a good choice for a 400bhp conversion.

    The GT28RS has a 60mm compressor wheel and this is too small to be efficient at the mass flow required for 400bhp. The 71mm compressor wheel version will do it but its not a great unit.

    If you want a 400bhp turbocharger you should prob be looking for a GT30 based platform.

    If you are serious about getting it right first time, i'd pay a visit to www.owendevelopments.co.uk - they know their sh1t!

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