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GSM Phoneprep

A3_SSS Nov 1, 2010

  1. A3_SSS

    A3_SSS Member

    I've got bluetooth in my car - system with the crable option in the arm rest.
    Anyhow all was working sweetly until recently :crying:
    The system was paired with my HTC Hero running Anroid 1.5 and all was well. The phone has recently been upgraded to Andriod 2.1 and I know notice the following;

    • car occasionally dials a number then says it can't connect and then connects
    • bluetooth disconnects
    • phone numbers not showing up correctly in DIS - e.g. 12345678910 showing as 1234-5678-910 and so the '-' resulting in failures to dial
    • phone book totally disappears form DIS
    Anyone on here experienced similar issues or got a similar setup with no issues???

    Took the car to Audi and response was as the phone is not on recommended list then not our issue! Asked to see the "list" and it contains phones no longer available. I told the receptionist that this is **** poor from Audi as most phones on the market today had not been approved.

    Anyhow, I asked if there are any updates to the bluetooth or if the system could be reset. Told by "tech expert" that no updates and not sure if you can reset the bluetooth back to factory as my car has no MMI. Is this true - can VAGCOM not be used to reset the bluetooth?

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  2. klik

    klik Member

  3. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    My Desire worked fine with the BT prep when it was on 2.1 and still works flawlessly now it's on 2.2, so I seriously doubt the problem is down to 2.1 on your Hero. Out of interest, how old is the car? Is it possible you have a very old BT module which doesn't like Android?
  4. A3_SSS

    A3_SSS Member

    Thanks for your responses guys.
    2.2 is not available for the HTC Hero and not sure if it will be. Will check out your links thanks.
    Vertigo my car is a 59 plate.

    I thinking the updates and re-pairing may have confused the bt module hence request to Audi to reset to factory. Not sure if this is possible though.

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