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  1. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    Hey everyone,I have some anger to vent so here goes...

    I bought my S3 a month ago (02 plate,only 40k miles on it),only it has never had the cambelt replaced.So it went into Audi today for Cambelt kit £329,waterpump £60 and a small service £99.That should do it I thought :sm4:

    Audi picked it up from my mums workplace this morning,nice old boy she said.
    Audi then ring me at 3pm to tell me they have a few advisories,one being that a rear spring was snapped.Oh great I said, and asked the woman on the phone to print me an estimate for the repair.I also asked her that if they get a minute could they investigate the faulty temperature gauge.She said that the mechanic hadn't said it was faulty and was I sure.Erm yes,I am sure.

    At 4.30pm my mum rings me to say that my car hadn't returned yet and she needs to get home (I told them I need it back by 4pm).
    So I go to ring Audi and notice I have an answering machine message from them-basically it said they needed the car for longer to diagnose the gauge fault and did I need the car tomorrow.Anyway,because I didn't get back to them the driver was on his way back.Then Audi ring me,the woman explains that they needed more time and do I want to book it in, also,can I pay for the work that was done today.Sure I replied,at which point I said so I'm paying for the belt,waterpump and service. She went quiet...
    Her-we didn't do the waterpump
    Me-why on earth not?
    Her-erm,we didn't have it down for the waterpump to be changed,it doesn't need doing,if it needed changing or was leaking our mechanic would have advised it.
    Me-I asked for the waterpump to be replaced,I don't care if it looks brand new it's a 7 year old car and I want it replaced so if it hasn't been done you can ring your driver and tell him to turn around.
    Her-erm,hes nearly with you.
    Me-Ok, does he want to take my car home and drive it in tomorrow then?
    Her-He has another collection tomorrow
    Me-ok,well I'll get it to you myself tomorrow then
    Her-Oh,erm,ok if you can.But we might not have the part,we need to order them by 3pm to get them the next day.
    Me-Well you can have it all week if you want
    Her-Oh it shouldn't take that long.
    Me-Right ok,I will drop it in tomorrow at 8am.

    *Bored yet? :whistle2:*

    Ok, so I get home from work and get into my car.where's my service book gone?Ring dragon at Audi again..

    Me-Where is my service book and invoice?
    Her-Oh I've got it here,the driver had to go in a hurry so I was going to keep it until you brought your car back in or I would post it to you.
    Me-Erm right,I'll see you tomorrow.

    So now I am very pi**ed off as you can imagine.I also thought I'd check my service indicator ''Service due in 6200miles'',great,they haven't reset that either,useless knobs.

    Basically on the phone earlier she said that they do a safety check and my rear disks are corroded and my fronts need replacing.Also my air & pollen filters need doing.Then she corrected herself and said ''they might need doing as we have no record of previous work on the car because it's never been to us before''. I thought that surely a quick look at the service book would show you what it needed doing,not to mention the fact that I fitted a green cotton filter last weekend!

    Another thing,my housemate is a Technician for Mercedes.He's had my S3 up on the ramps at work and said that no springs are snapped, and the disks are perfect.

    So guys,if your still with me?? What should I do? I'm not one for comfrontation really but I am ****** angry.Should I expect the waterpump for free?
  2. wagon

    wagon cock locked and ready to rock

    that really does sound rubbish. imho ive always found that a specialist will always give you better customer service, as they are relaying on the money. people who work in the steelers dont care as they still get there wages at the end of the day.

    in an ideal world, it would be nice to claim something for free. but i think they would more then likely just say sorry alot.

    again you could just turn postal and turn up with you car, and smash the receptionist around the face with a massive wet fish.

    im still waiting to here back about my what was broken car, the garage are still ignoring me, and when i phone them up they hang up when i say who it is.

    chin up mate and keep on trucking.
  3. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    That's why i dont use audi for any work undertaken what so ever.
  4. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    rear spings are prone to snapping and without jacking up the rear end and forcing the wheel down they are hard to see its normally the top small coil. mine passed a mot with a snapped one, I only found out when I upgraded the suspension shortly after the mot.

    the service indicator takes a few days/miles to settle down to correct milage to next service.

    they have to advise discs if they think they wont last to next service
  5. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    Theres definitely a lesson to be learnt here - Never take it back to Audi! Especially if it doesn't have FASH!
  6. jm-baker

    jm-baker Member

    I wont be letting audi service my audi again.

    I cant prove anything, but 100 miles after a service turbo goes bang. Sump is empty, stupidly i never checked it after a service. I assume they put enough oil in there, and its low because the turbo blew...Maybe just a coincidence. Or maybe they used cheap oil as i only had a £99 service. I would hope they have a standard oil they use as a minimum. My invoice just says "oil". Im sure my previous invoices stated what oil they used etc.
  7. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    The disks are almost new though. Also,the service indicator said due in 6200miles and it still says it now?So is that right??
  8. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    Jm-Baker,I see your from Kent.Which Audi did you take your car to?I'm on about the one in Chilham,near Canterbury.
  9. jm-baker

    jm-baker Member

    Not that one. Dont want to name them untill i have discussed it with them.:eiertritt:
  10. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Manual

    Kick off with them mate, make sure you tell them you want to speak to the manager, give them the story about the inconvenience, what you asked for and what you got etc...if they dont listen, tell them you have a specialist locally, but wanted the Audi stamp and if this is what you are getting, you will go to top dog at Audi.

    If the driver was in a hurry, how was he driving your S3 to you???

    The springs are prone to snapping, so that maybe worth looking into (by a specialist) and the brakes as well, if they really do need doing again use a specialist.

    To be honest, majority of dealers are not that good at all anymore, only thing i use them for now and for years gone by is for dealer parts only.

    Full dealer SH doesnt count for anything anymore once the warranty has finished.

    Let us know how you get on mate :)
  11. jm-baker

    jm-baker Member

    Another thing that annoys me is that the muppet stamped the book leaving a gap between my camblet service (at a specialist) and this latest stamp. It looks un-professional, and how hard can it be to no screw up my service record.
    I wondered if he did it because he didnt want his audi stamp next too a specialist. Maybe he was trying to tell me something......like they dont like specialists.

    Its the small things like that, oh and they kindly washed my car, with what looks like a mixture of water, sand and dirt.

    Thanks Audi.
  12. morgan306

    morgan306 Member

    I put a note in mine..

    ''Please do not wash''

    At least they got that bit right. After jm-bakers comment I went out and checked my oil. Clean and to the max mark so I'm ok there.

    I'll keep you all updated.
  13. WildBruce

    WildBruce Third Gear

    Dude, I told you not to go to Audi ......... I would push the case, speak to a customer service rep, or the service manager.

    Also state that you will be complaining to Audi direct, as Audi send out surveys and stuff, and if they tank on those it reflects badly on them, not sure if they care, but worth a shot
  14. j4jon

    j4jon Member

    Depending on what oil they used depends if it is on fixed interval servicing, or variable servicing either way 6200miles is wrong. If it is fixed interval it should say 10000miles if it is set on variable then it should start off at 9300miles and then adjust form there. When you take it back for them to change the water pump make sure you get the old one as technically it is still yours you never know they may SAY they changed it.

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