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Group numbers and what they show - is there a list per car anywhere ??

smogthemog Nov 25, 2006

  1. smogthemog

    smogthemog Member

    As title really :)

    Is there anywhere online that lists all the group numbers in say the 'engine' module and what particular values they show for each different car setup please ?

    I am getting very dissolusioned as to what exactly I can see and do with VC

    It say's in the VC manual that if you hover over particular boxs in the settings it will show you all the options avaliable - mine dosen't seem to do that ?????

    It's the fully registered version of 409.1 with an Ebay interface that seems work well.


  2. bearthebruce

    bearthebruce Ross-Tech, LLC

    The features you mention that are described in the manual are available in the latest releases of VAG-COM. Some of those features were added in Version 512 and the rest were part of version 607. These versions only work with Ross-Tech dongle interfaces.

    Are you familiar with label files supported by VAG-COM? Using label files, you can find the measuring block with the information you are looking for. Please refer to this page: http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/labels.html
  3. Uwe@Ross-Tech

    Uwe@Ross-Tech Member

    E-mail your ECU's VAG part Number as shown by VAG-COM and we'll see if there's a label file that will work with 409.1.


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