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emzino Dec 12, 2008

  1. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    Hi all. Not sure how to start it so i'll get straight to the point.

    The Company
    TuningWerkes, a reputable and (positively) known company with a wealth of knowledge in VW Audi with many of the cars it's built appearing in magazines like Performance VW since 1997, The Golf (now Golf +) since 1996 and more recently Which magazine for the launch of the much acclaimed VW Golf 5 GTI - and at shows over the last 9 years - is offering a Group Buy for a remap on your Audi (inc. VW/Skoda etc (VAG) & other manufacturers).

    The Remap
    The maps will be branded as TuningWerkes maps.
    The maps have been developed by one of Europe's top developers and covers a very wide application listing across Audi BMW VW SEAT Skoda etc. These guys have been developing software and hardware for the world's leading tuners - and TuningWerkes have access to all of this - but at cheaper prices for the end user. Power gains and torque gains are all comparative to most of the 'big' names.

    The Requirements
    Well, first you need a car of course. The map is available to just about any car but since this is an Audi forum, many of you, including myself, will want this remap to be used on an Audi/VW but feel free to spread the word & involve anyone else who has a car other than the VAG family. As for the numbers, at least 10 people will initiate this Group Buy.

    The Cost
    Well, if we are able to get together at least 10 people then the remap will cost a mere £250! Now if I remember correctly, that is still saving yourselves at least £150-£250 for a remap that is not just a copy off another. Without sounding like a salesman, these maps have been specifically created to give you maximum performance.

    If you are wanting in on this fantastic offer, all you have to do is reply to this thread or PM me with your name, vehicle manufacturer+model+engine details such as litre & bhp output etc and primary e-mail.

    Once we have reached 10, I will contact Reuben the owner of Tuningwerkes & will get further information on what kind of results you will are looking at. This information would be specific to each of you.

    If you've reached this far down, thank you for your time & I truly hope that every one of you is willing to take up this amazing opportunity.

    Please note, I am NOT working for TuningWerkes. I am merely a good customer & friend of Reubens and while I was there, he suggested a Group Buy since I was a regular at the Audi forums. I think it's an amazing idea and opportunity considering the financial climate to really take advantage of this offer while it still stands.

    Let the Group Buy begin!
  2. emzino

    emzino Active Member

    Just a reminder that the TuningWerkes do offer this map to other manufactured cars other than VAG such as BMW, Mercedes, Ford etc etc.

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