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Group buy for Weitec and KW coilovers

jungleman May 13, 2011

  1. jungleman

    jungleman Well-Known Member

    Group buy for Weitec and KW coilovers

    right guys, this isnt my normal section of the forum but thought i should let you all know, ive arranged a long term group buy for Weitec and KW's, depending on location (london & essex area) ive also managed to secure a discount on fitting and alignment

    the offer is for for Weitec GT & TX as well as KW V1 basic, V1, V2, V3's & CS, can also get them for any VAG and non VAG car so if you know anyone else that could be interested let them know, but ill be posting this in the other sections of the forum.

    to give you an idea of the prices, these are for the A3/S3 (the RS4 they are a bit different so youll need to ask so i can check but it works out at around 10% off RRP)


    GT £560
    TX £760


    V1 basic £630
    V1 £780
    V2 £1040
    V3 £1280
    CS £1750

    all prices include VAT and Delivery (direct from supplier and normally takes 3-4 working days)

    if you guys have any questions feel free to ask, either pop over on to the 8P forum or send me a PM



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