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Grooving standard discs.

Dazmo Jul 18, 2009

  1. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Having all my brakes done in a few weeks.

    Have bought new standard discs front and back and new Redstuff pads front and back and hopefully getting a full set of braided stainless steel brakelines and dot4 fluid.

    Anyway i had to buy standard discs as they dont make performance(grooved) discs for my car, so to cut a long story short..

    I met a bloke the other day when having my car mapped who is an engineer and funnily enough he grooves discs etc as part of his job.

    He asked me if i would like mine doing all 4 discs, both sides with straight grooves for £100.

    Just wondered if i should do this and is it ok to groove the standard discs or should i not bother.

    I would like grooved discs as they stop the pads from glazing and prevent heat build up and brake fade.

    Any suggestions would be welcome cheers:rock:
  2. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    Go for it mate, it seems a reasonable price

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