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Groaning Noise when applying medium braking????

JGrant1285 Mar 15, 2007

  1. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    Hi All,

    Well, i noticed this week that when apply 'medium pressure' on the brakes, from about 25mph down to a stop, there is like a deep groaining noise from the brakes on 1.9TDI Sport. I dont think that this noise is comming from the back brakes as i only replaced the pads in august, and we checked the discs and they looked fine.

    So i think its comming from the front. Is this a sign that the Discs and pads are fooked? looking at the discs (without whippin the wheels off) it does look like the discs may be worn. Is this something that is known to happen when discs/pads need replacing. Also there is no warning sign appearing on the DIS either, which i thought would have made an appearance if the pads need changing?????

    Also if this is the case, is it time to buy some aftermarket discs and pads? I can't afford to spend silly amounts just on brakes (i still owe money on the car itself). Although i do like the idea of some nice new good-looking discs and decent pads.

    Any help/advice appreciated.


  2. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    Surely someone has to have atleast SOME info??? I'm waiting to get a response on here before i buy any parts etc.....help a brovvver out here!!

  3. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    Maybe your prisoner in your boot is hitting the end of the boot and getting knocked out?

  4. scrupes

    scrupes bloody great extension bodger

    you said you dont want to throw sillymoney on brakes, unless you have a spare grand for a propper brembo kit or even upto half of that perhaps, for the S4 brakes to upgrade to, if i were you I'd get some brembo made discs from GSF, these are an exact reproduction of your cars discs but are made better than the originals, for pads go for the pagid fast road pads. Oh and do yourself a favour... dont be tempted by thee cheap mintex brake packs on ebay!! i got some and they really are shi7e!!!

    if my memory serves correctly....i think the brakes on yours and mine are the same and should be £22.50 each for the front discs and £37 for the pads, but you would have to check.

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