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Grinding sound - OEM Avus wheels and Brembo HC

Rubbadubchub Feb 15, 2013

  1. Rubbadubchub

    Rubbadubchub New Member

    I need help. This week I went from 18 inch alloys back to standard 17 inch Ronal Avus alloys with new Michelin tyres. (To get rid of scrubbing).

    The car is fitted with bigger than standard Brembo HC discs on the front.

    Everything seemed fine during the swapping process, I removed the 10 mm spacers that were used for the 18's, and put the long bolts to one side and stuck the 17's on with new shorter bolts.

    Set off for a drive, and within metres I heard a noise which sounded like I'd forgotten to tighten the bolts on one of the wheels (I hadn't obviously) but then within a second it went away.

    The worrying thing is there's a grinding noise from the front wheels, it's there all the time when on the move and is not suppressed by braking and it feels like the car isn't able to completely free wheel. I've looked at the wheels and there doesn't seem to be anything obvious rubbing, although the calipers are close to the back of the spokes.

    Can anyone help? Can I not run these wheels and discs together? I've only driven a handful of miles because of this issue.
  2. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Are you sure the bolts are not slightly too long? I have been caught out by that before.

    I would jack it up and spin the wheel by hand to see if it becomes clearer?
  3. Rubbadubchub

    Rubbadubchub New Member

    I have thought about the bolts but if anything I was worried they were a bit short, even though they tightened up nicely. I tried the longer bolts from the previous wheels and they just spun and spun and never tightened. The new bolts are supposed to be the correct length for the b5 s4. I might try putting the spacers back on with the longer bolts and see if that changes anything....

    Cheers though.

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