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Grinding noise when cold

g5und Jul 28, 2012

  1. g5und

    g5und Member

    When starting up with the engine cold, as soon as I select D I hear a grinding noise for a short time until the engine begins to idle at 950rpm (or wherever it normally idles). It becomes louder if you move off. Does anyone know if there's a common issue with the DSG box that may cause this behaviour?
  2. jerseypaul

    jerseypaul Member

    Not grinding noise.
    I posted before what I thought was a rattling from the exhaust when cold, but I think this was the exhaust valve cycling, when you switch off with the sport button on.
  3. g5und

    g5und Member

    It's weird because if I wait a couple of mins and let the engine idle speed settle at 900rpm vs. where it sits when initially starting the car cold it doesn't make the noise. It's only there if I move off straight away and lasts a few seconds...
  4. AD RS3

    AD RS3 New Member

    I have noticed this as well but in mine I would nt really call it a grinding noise but its definatly a strange sound that disaperas like you mentioned - I pull off the drive in reverse rather than D and it happens for a few seconds. Think I wil have to mention it to the dealer, but I can see now they will say leave it with us so we can start it cold etc PITA unless it gets worse I dont think I am gonna worry about it.

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