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Great value?

dragon Aug 6, 2014

  1. dragon

    dragon Active Member

    Jumped in the S3 this morning to find the oil change light on at 15K miles. I rang the dealer for a quote. That will be £290 +VAT sir for a first service which constitutes an oil change and pollen filter.

    Is the pollen filter gold plated or am I missing something?

    I realise running an S car is a little higher than normal but £348 bucks for two filters and some oil!!

    Anybody had a better quote?
  2. Chimp

    Chimp Active Member Team Navarra Audi S5 Audi Q5

    Phone around and get them to match the dealer that is cheaper.....

    I used to get the oil change service on TTRS for around £125-£160.

    Also ask them how much they are charging for the oil, you might find that the parts department sell the same oil for cheaper!! Or just find out how much you need and bring your own, loads of deals for oil from Halfords etc with cashback aswell.

    The thing I found amazingly stupid was that the first oil change was quoted at 45 mins but the next one (same service) was quoted 55 mins!!! so it takes longer to fill car with oil 18k miles later.....amazing!!
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  3. The Challinor

    The Challinor Well-Known Member Audi S3

    May be worth looking at service plans mate, work out a lot cheaper depending on package
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  4. mjcourtney

    mjcourtney Well-Known Member Team Mythos Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group TDi

    First service on my 1.4 A3 was £160 for an oil and filter change. I guess an S3 might be more expensive, but can't see it being over double!
  5. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    No reason why an S3 oil change should be that different. OK sump requires 5.7 litres.
    IMHO... Rip off.

    With car ramp, both filter changes should take no longer than 30mins. In fact access to pollen filter is so much easier than previous A3.
  6. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    The one and only service I had on my previous A3 2.0TDI-170 was in July 2013 at 18,500 miles and the total cost was £304.99
    This was made up of £142.56 for labour, £63.96 for long-life oil, £47.64 for other parts plus £50.83 VAT.
    I then traded it in for my current A3 before the next service was due. I had that A3 for 2.1 years so the service costs were £145.23 per year.
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  7. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon

    The op does state that the quote was for a first service not just a oil and filter change...

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