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Great advice on the blower issue

Mattblack2004 Nov 7, 2007

  1. Mattblack2004

    Mattblack2004 New Member

    Just wanted to say that the advice on the heater blower thread was spot on. :salute: Spent 45 mins last night sorting out the blower on my new A4 ( picked it up Sunday).
    Have got an new one on order but am now thinking about just getting new contacts and replacing those in the existing unit. Obviously then I'd have to move the new unit on but that's ok.

    Anythoughts about whether to just replace the contacts or just slot the new unit in?
    Thanks again though - it's great to have some warm air blowing round me ankles on these cold mornings!!:cold:
  2. DriveByShooters

    DriveByShooters Editor Audi-Sport.Net Magazine

    I take it you just stretched the springs like i suggested? (temporary measure of course)
  3. NineNails

    NineNails Proud sponsor of the snack food industry

    I'd fit the new unit then 're-condition' the old one & flog it on for a few quid.
    I agree, the blower thread was a good one.
  4. Mattblack2004

    Mattblack2004 New Member


    funny enough I decided to cut up an old credit card into little squares and duct taped them up and used that to pad the area between the clip that holds spring in place and the spring! works fine..was gonna do the spring stretching thing as my last resort. that way if I decided to re-condition it I wasn't working with "adjusted" springs.

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