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GPL in Audi S8

tarles Jun 25, 2006

  1. tarles

    tarles New Member


    i'm new on this forum.
    I would like to buy a S8 '97 .
    As it has a V8 it soaks a great deal of gasoline.
    I had an idea to install a GPL and to use propan/buthane gas which is like 60% cheaper than gasoline.
    can a V8 machine run on GPL and has anyone done something like that.

    Authorised service for instaling the GPL said that such instalation will cost me like 2000 Euros but im not sure if GPL will affect the performance of the machine.

    Im sorry for my english as it is not my native.

    Thanks in advance
  2. nbowles

    nbowles New Member


    I have just collected a 2000 model S8 4.2, running a Pins LPG gas conversion.

    The conversion is great, does take up boot space (to get better weight distribution) or spare wheel well.

    The system runs petrol to start and then swaps to gas after a minute or so. There is a bit of an increase to performance and a slight reduction to mpg, down to 20/21mpg from 22/23mpg.

    All in all, a very good conversion.

  3. alexrs6

    alexrs6 New Member

    hi there i am new to this forum and i own an s8.honestly it aint bad on fuel at all and having owned an a8 4.2 sport surprise surprise it seems to be consuming less.

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