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Got round to fitting H.I.D kit and headlight washers.

HOUCH Apr 10, 2007

  1. HOUCH

    HOUCH Member

    Had a bit of time to myself so finally got round to removing front bumper and fitted H.i.d's and headlight washer kit sourced by couple of Audi sport members. Big thanks to both, Firstly H.I.D's bought from Richa3turbo (jbrperformance) if you like me are as unimpressed with Audi's effort of standard bulbed zenons well worth looking into and the set up Rich sells is complete and very reasonably priced, you will not be disapointed bit worried how bright they seem but used at night followed several cars and no road rage yet!!!! Headlight washers bought in classifieds from Allen Hazlett, also top bit of gear, complete set up and good instructions so thanks to you both and thanks to Audi sport.net very useful site.
    Next up S3 rear spoiler and suspension...............

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