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Got my polisher now i need the polishes

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Dec 26, 2007

  1. So i finally got my ultimate detailing machine for £154 from ebay hope thats a good price?? it come with the following:

    Velcro Backing Plate Polishing Pad & Accessory Adapter for 6" Accessories
    Sonus SFX-1 - Restore Pad
    Sonus SFX-2 - Enhance Pad
    Souns SFX-3 - Final Finish Pad
    Sonus SFX-1 - Restore Polish (8 ounce)
    Sonus SFX-2 - Enhance Polish (8 ounce)
    Sonus SFX-3 - Final Finish Polish (8 ounce)
    Sonus "Der Wonder" Microfibre Polishing towels x 2
    Sonus "DAS Buffing Bonnet" x 2
    Canvas Carrying Bag (enough room for your polisher, pads and a couple bottle of polish)
    Wrench, Side Handle and 24 page User's Guide

    Anyways ime now after some advice on polishes.....my car is a 2000 plate A3 with metalic black paint.

    I need to remove swirl marks from the paint, remove a few light scratches and generally get a deeper more reflective colour from the paint. i know to acheive all of them i am going to need about 3 or 4 different things but thats fine with me. O and i also want something to protect the paint aswell.

    was looking at going down the route of either zymol, menzerna, jeffs or poorboys products.
  2. RGBArgee

    RGBArgee Guest

    Have you tried T-Cut?
  3. jr001

    jr001 Member

    You might be better looking at the Menz polishes, considering your car's age. They have good performance coupled with some actual lubricating oils which you will need for machine polishing.


    The Intensive Polish 3.02 on a yellow or white 4 inch spot pad, worked slowly with medium to firm pressure is what is going to get at swirls on a 2000 plate, assuming it's original Audi hard clearcoat. Be prepared to take your time and work the 3.02 well. You may well want to invest in another couple of 4 in spot pads! Each panel section may require more than one hit also. Worked properly, this polish will give a good gloss finish upon which to base your protection.

    It's the finish you create with the machining that is going to give you 95% of your final look. I certainly wouldn't put you off the Zymol waxes as your last stage protection. I've used Carbon and Glasur and think they are both very good, particularly the Glasur.

    Before the protection layer, you will want to use a quality cleanser, like Zymol HD Cleanse or Dodo Juice Lime Prime which is absolutely superb at half the price. I'd advise working the Lime Prime with the blue finishing pad. It does not need to be worked for long, say one or two passes, and creates an oily finish on a par with the HD. The Lime Prime has micro-abrasives in it and it is well worth working it with the machine before buffing the residue clear with plush MF cloths. I used this cleanser for the first time on the Cayman and was very impressed with it. I do think it's a wee bit easier to work with than the HD.

    Hope this helps for the moment.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. thanks for all the info.....just 1 more question once ive "detailed" my car and its all looking nice and shiney say a month later its covered in mud an **** as i live in the country will i be ok using the machine again for polishing the car??? or if i use the machine to often to polish the car will i remove a lot of the paint over a course of time???
  5. jr001

    jr001 Member

    The thing to remember is that when you machine polish the car, you are removing unsightly defects from your car i.e. swirls and oxidation. Your paint will then be in a much superior condition. It will reflect light more clearly and should have a much improved depth of colour and of course minus most of the swirls. You will have some random deeper scratches that you will have to leave unless you have them sanded out. These deeper scratches however are much fewer in number. They don't impinge on the finish terribly much even though you can still see them under certain lighting conditions.

    Once your surface has been polished, you then want to cleanse and protect. The surface should then be very slick and smooth after all of this. Yes the car will get dirty but it is easier to wash and get the grime removed. In fact, it is the wash stage that you want to improve on as it has been unrefined washing that has inflicted the vast majority of the swirls in the first place. Read the Polished Bliss guides and invest in the minor items needed to wash more safely. Creating the improved finish does not mean you have to worry about getting the car dirty.

    The owners of cars I've detailed have all then worried about getting the car dirty!! That's natural as a good detailed surface creates a pretty fantastic looking car. But don't get too anal about it. Let the car get dirty! Wash the car safely either once a week or even fortnight, but do it carefully. It should take you about an hour. You may want to top up your wax/sealant every couple of months.

    1. Pre-soak and pressure rinse if possible.
    2. Then give a handwash.
    3. Rinse with open ended hose and watch the water sheet/bead off
    4. Safe dry the car (pat-dry with drying towel)
    5. Spray with quick detailer spray and buff to a nice gloss.

    This last stage is not always crucial, but it does add a wee bit to the finish.

    Over the year you will no doubt inflict some minor swirls back into the paint, but they should be just that - minor. Once a year machine the car again, but this time you will only need a Final Finish polish as the swirls should not be too deep. You may not even feel the need to do it again as you may still be happy with your car'a appearance.

    Again, the PB guides are fantastic reference articles and you should give them a read and perhaps print them off and keep them for reference.

    The wash stage is crucial!

  6. ok thanks for all the help. so once i have my polisher give my car the full treatment and after that a wash everyweek or 2 weeks and once dried a quick detailing spray and buff off.

    just gotta wait for my polisher now lol
  7. just had a fort once ive done ove the car with the quick detailing spray do i buff it off by hand or machine??

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