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Got caught speeding (sort of) in 3 different countries in one day!

robthehungrymonkey Jan 18, 2006

  1. Drove back from the Alps on Sunday, was a bit of a long day and managed to get falshed in Switzlerand, then got flashed by a very sneaky mmbile camera in France, and then as soon as I got off the ferry a police car pulled out in front of me, as I was coming down a hill slightly too fast, then followed and pulled me over and gave a stern warning.

    So, caught speeding 3 times, in 3 countries with 0 fines. All good.

    Also, I was under the impression French fuel was cheaper, it's not! basically the same price, maybe even more expensive.
    And the cross country route offset the higher fuel consumption by the lack of tolls and cost exactly the same, much more interesting too!

  2. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    Well done Rob... I only fear than soon the euro numpties will manage to stop fun like that soon!
  3. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    So, If you get caught speeding in say France, you don't get a fine? Can they not send the fine to the UK?
  4. One of our staff was caught doing just over 105 on the motorway at the weekend..

    Lucky, lucky mare, having been pulled over and presumably smiling sweetly, was offered the choice of being prosecuted for 105 and losing licence.. or accepting a fixed penalty on 99mph..

    drove away with a £60 fine and 3 points..

    Now if that had happened to any of the rest of us without short skirts and long legs, I dont reckon we'd have been given the choice! Id be just waiting for the court date..

    and yes, as I understand it they can transfer prosecution to the UK.. Belguim being the most likely country to make the effort to do so.

    and wierd - last time I was in France I was paying about 85c / litre - about two thirds of the UK price.. Luxembourg was the best (and I understand cheapest in europe) with fuel at about 63c at the time.. about 40p or so!
  5. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    Gurnsey is the place to buy petrol (a tad inconvenient I know)... No Tax!!! Think it was 33p a litre or something like that last year on the way to LeMans.

    But hey this is about Robs speeding and I say keep up the good work, I'm hopeing to find time to go over to europe for a drive this summer.
  6. Didn't realise i was speeding in Switzerland, but the camera definitely went off. In France, I saw a flash in the distance, thought it was lightning (was really in the middle of nowhere), a car coming the other way flashed me (i thought it was because my UK lights were pointing in his eyes) and then over the next brow of the hill was a van and *flash*. Was very sneaky, and I was travelling quite fast.

    The police here were the worst though, they blatantly only pulled me over as they nearly pulled out in front of me! I wonder who's fault that would have gone down as?!?

    Another thing, the French drive sooo much faster than we do! But also more sensibly on the motorway, can't quite say the same about the overtaking round blind corners on a mountain road though!
  7. pwnorman

    pwnorman Member

    I got flashed by a camera in france in august about 3 in the morning doing well over a 100 it certainly made me jump, was in my friends company car so he was bricking it incase they sent it home he's already got 6 points for speeding
  8. Not sure how you'll fare there Rob... the Law does indeed have a very long arm these days /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif

    I got flashed coming through the Mont Blanc tunnel in a hire car back in April last year... got an odd-looking letter delivered to my door in November! Bloody 7 months later, they're taking the p*ss!

    So I signed for it along with another form that the postie said had to be returned.

    Actually had no idea what it was until I opened the ******' letter and put two and two together after thumbing through the badly translated Italian! It turns out they must have traced me through the Hire Car company... lesson learned there /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

    What a pisser... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif if I'd have been slightly more awake there is no way I would have signed those damn forms! Still haven't sent the fine off yet... don't know what to do but am resigned to the fact that I'll probably have to unless there is some point of Law I have missed that anyone can offer me???

    Anyone know if they can apply points here for that sort of thing or whether it'll just be the fine? They've given me three months and asked for a copy of my driving license and the fine to be enclosed.

    Gutted /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Oh yeah, got an NIP through for 37MPH the other day too... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif! They can't be bothered to do a thing when my car gets smashed up by joyriding toerags, even though I gave them tons of information relating to neighbours witnessing it etc., but they can expend they're resources on this kinda ******! Makes me mad /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif

    Sorry for the slight tangent /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush2.gif hope you get away with it matey /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. I know they take speeding through the Mont Blanc tunnel very seriously due to the fire there, so maye they were making a special effort?

    I don't think the french can really e bothered. The swiss might be though.... but i'm still not too worried
  10. Yeah well so do I now /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif And to add insult to injury, the Top Gear episode that covered that particular topic (the one with the Bugatti Veyron I think) came on the day after I got the letter! Doh!
  11. imported_unkle

    imported_unkle Guest

    [ QUOTE ]
    Gurnsey is the place to buy petrol (a tad inconvenient I know)... No Tax!!! Think it was 33p a litre or something like that last year on the way to LeMans.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    British Armed Forces based in Germany get fuel coupons, about 6 euros for 10 litres of Super+ (classed as either Optimax or ARAL/BP high quality stuff) but thats another story.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/groovy.gif

    In Germany (and Nederlands I think) they keep the speeding fine on record if your a jonny foreigner and you dont pay, then if ever they catch up with you on their roads they then charge you with faliure to pay, you end up paying for the fine, a large admin fee plus whatever they have pulled you over for in the first place...


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