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Google satellite maps on 2g mmi

quattro25years Jan 19, 2014

  1. quattro25years

    quattro25years Member


    i am thinking of a way to put google maps( satellite view) on my 2g mmi,

    please bear with me and read on....

    1) if you download the "google maps" app (it's free ) onto your iPhone (don't use the "maps"app that is preinstalled on every apple device)

    2) select satellite view

    3) type in the search bar "ok maps" , press search.

    4) at the bottom of the screen it will say "on screen map area cached "- move map along and repeat until you have all the map info you need.

    5) so all the satellite map data from google maps is stored on your iPhone.

    6)turn of mobile data and wifi.(expensive to data stream)

    7) providing you have a signal on your iPhone , when you drive , the blue dot on the satellite map shows you where you are , and map scrolls with you as you are driving along .

    so I thought that if you could display it on the 2g mmi screen , and use it conjunction with the audi navigation (voice only ) IT would be pretty cool .
  2. geforce189

    geforce189 Member

    In terms of caching - It would save you from using data but you won't benefit from live traffic data or re-routing when you need it as those calls need the Internet. Nor will you be able to search for POI until you turn data back on.
  3. geforce189

    geforce189 Member

    IIRC Google Maps will allow for a faster GPS lock if data is enabled too as it can use cell tower triangulation to speed the process in addition to GPS

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