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Goodyear GSD3 Problem!!

Platinum70 Jun 14, 2006

  1. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    I am a very big fan of GSD3's and have been running them on my A4 for around 17,000 miles. I had to change one of the back ones and up due to damage.

    On monday of this week I noticed that the smooth part of the tyre between the rim protector and the actual alloy was splitting in several places, some as long as 50mm. The two fronts (one is the splitting one) still have 5mm on them.

    I have spoken to Goodyear who want to see the tyre to pass comment. Surely this is a fault as there is no damage to the tyre or alloy. I am now running the new tyre on the back.

    My next question relates to the tread left. I have 5mm on each front as I moved one from the back to the front to match the remaining front one. The new one went on the back to pair up with the other newish one which has just over 7mm on it. Is this all o.k as a set-up and on a quattro?
  2. FrankG

    FrankG Member

    I had the same problems with my F1's 225/40/18 on a set of replica RS4's but I have to say I think mine were down to kerbing and potholes and taking my local roadabouts at crazy speeds! I traded that car recently so I don't have a problem with my current 17's. I have also seen it on other F1's so it seems to be coomon.
    With regards to the tyre on the back the fact that there is only 2mm in the difference you'll be o.k.
  3. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member


    As Frank says you will be fine with the difference in tread depths. With the Quattro, the key is the axle.....the tyres on the same axle must be of the same tread depth, but the tread depth difference between front and back axles should not be more than 2/3 mm also. Therefore, with the two tyres on the back axle having the same depth, the two fronts being the same and the difference front and rear being within those tolerances, the 4wd system can tolerate the difference.

    Hope that makes sense......The short answer is that they are fine !

    As for the GSD3's, I have only heard of this with Continental's before but sounds a bit worrying !!
  4. Platinum70

    Platinum70 Member

    thanks for the replies guys. The tyre has now been sent back to Goodyear and I am awaiting some good news hopefully. I cannot see how they can deny it is a fault.

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