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Good service on lower door trims - German Auto Spares

OllieQS Mar 30, 2012

  1. OllieQS

    OllieQS Member

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the good service from German Auto Spares. I needed the complete set of trims with all the fixings and they beat the other companies on price with the bonus of supplying a complete set of clips.

    If you are a club member the company will do the full set with 26 clips and 4 screws for £109 including postage. They are genuine Audi and the new style plastic strip version.

    They came in a solid tube within a few days. All in all excellent service.

    Audi A4 lower door molding set 95 > 2001 | eBay

    Contact the shop direct for discount.

    They make a world of difference to the look of the car. Thanks.
  2. Iceash

    Iceash Member

    Thanks for the heads up, shall have to get some next month.. Mine have lifted. Been told they rust internally! hope they don't damage the doors.
  3. OllieQS

    OllieQS Member

    Get them off as quick as you can, mine were ok but had to give all the doors a good clean to polish the mess that had come off from the trims. The original trims had a mild steel strip that was replaced with a plastic one so the new one can't rust. Cheers.
  4. andyw82

    andyw82 Member

    mine need doing thats not a bad price, get some pics of your up when fitted! cheers

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