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Good PS3 Games?

smee Jul 17, 2007

  1. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    cool... not played that online yet...need more hours in the day! ;)
  2. Sam-K

    Sam-K Has a throbbing red german.

    Add me too mate , i have RFoM and F1 and PES (Kontraband! it's on! haha)

    Is unreal 3 good..? i see you got it..
  3. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    hahah yeah, its brilliant... but then I loved the original... wasted many an hour on UT instead of studying... ;) Between that and Champ Man its amazing I graduated from anyhere!

    Not too sure about the vehicles tho... thats a bit weird... probably just takes some getting used to...

    theres custom maps too... Ive downloaded a completly destructable lego map... that looks amusing... gotta try it out when the missis leave me be and goes down t'gym:zen:
  4. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Just got Time Crisis 4 from the US... amazing! Totally love it!
  5. Bong Water

    Bong Water In two minds

    If anyone likes a bit of gore, violence, swearing, guns and a bit of horror thrown in I can very much recomend

    The Darkness

    I loved it on the 360 it was a fantastic game
  6. danotto

    danotto VAG HUNTER

    yeah i got the darkness as well completed it a while ago the levels where you go to hell are weird though and easy to get lost.turok is a good game
  7. smee

    smee Member

    Thought it time I got back into this thread. Since I got the PS3 I have bought a few games, a mixture of some for me and some for the kids. Admittedly sometimes I have liked the ones for the kids best.

    Brief Synopsis:

    F.E.A.R. - Top atmospheric game. Best played with surround sound. Very creepy but good FPS.
    Folklore - Obscure fantasy game with fantastic graphics but got boring very quickly
    Harry Potter & the Order of The Phoenix - **** gameplay but interesting enough to keep the kids busy. I loved the fact that my (then) 4 year old got into chess because there was a chess minigame
    Golden Compass - Dont even go there, life is too short
    Heavenly Sword - Good graphics but sometines frustrating gameplay (aftertouch)
    Genji days of the blade - Really enjoyed playing it until I got stuck in a section tried to get through it but failed dismally so have not played it in months
    Burnout Paradise City - Good fun but have not played it much, have only driven about 100 miles compared to my brothers 3500. Only got it a couple of weeks ago so can probably be forgiven for that
    Ratchet & Clank tools of destruction - Top game and probably the one I have enjoyed the most have now completed it 4 times and enjoyed every trip through it
    Assasins Creed - Have never got past the opening sequence as I got bored waiting for the game to start. Gotta get on top of this as my 14 year old completed it in a few days!
    Motorstorm - good racer, fantastic graphics
    Simpsons - good fun but some of the levels get frustrating. Like the humour though.
    Star Wars Lego - good good fun but got to be played as a 2 player. Love playing this with my 5 year old
    Pirates of the caribbean - Again dont go there. I insist that I am going to complete this but only when completely bored
    Godfather Dons Edition - Cant really comment, played it for a while but got bored

    I reckon where I went wrong was that I have bought too many games and have not focused enough on each one. Work and personal life does not allow enough time for long gaming sessions so I just like something you can put on and play. Maybe that is why I prefer the kids games!
    Of the above I definitely recommend Ratchet and Clank, It may sound childish but going around using extreme weapons against outlandish enemies just really appeals to me.
  8. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    GT5 prologue out tomorrow... GTA on the way next month... and MGS in the summer(?)..
  9. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

  10. Randomjim

    Randomjim Active Member

    Metal gear solid im guessing
  11. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member


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