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Good old steering problem again

renton Jul 7, 2013

  1. renton

    renton Member

    Hi all yes I have a problem with my steering rack again and need sum good help and advice if you have had this problem before.
    As I have posted in the past a smiler question. now I am very p*** off as steering rack number 4 has just gone ok the fist ones where second hand and lasted about 5 minute that was when I bought a new/recon one which lasted 1 year and 2 weeks yes 2 weeks out of warrant. Is the problem something Else Causing this. Now I have to buy Another one but need to find the Root cause of my Problem
    So if you can help me then please Do so as I am open to all Suggestions
    all most Almost Forgot to say its on my a3 1.8t sport no a 2000 x reg.

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