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Good Experiences with Audi Dealers

veeeight Apr 9, 2013

  1. percymon

    percymon Member

    Well so far so good my experience with Andy England at Plymouth Audi. When i got nil customer attention from a more local dealer (sales guy wandering off and chatitng to the other staff when he was supposedly trying to sell me a car, 11 messages left without call back, 3 day response time to emails etc etc) I rang up Plymouth with an enquiry and the deal i was after - less than 2 hours later i had a reply, did the deal the following day and the telecoms and email exchange since then has been A1. Looking forward to a faultless collection a week Saturday.

    As for the other dealer, they won't be getting a penny in aftersales or service from me, ever.
  2. mookster

    mookster Active Member quattro

    Had a couple of bits done at Portsmouth Audi (Harwoods) and found them very good. Not the cheapest option of course but they were courtious, helpful and provided me with a cab home and a cab back once it was sorted. I even got a phone call a couple of days later asking if everything had been okay, so they do follow up :)

    Will more than likely use them for my services, keep the book stamped by the dealer, and any specific stuff, like the coil packs and software update just done. Other odds and ends I can do myself and I have a favourite mechanic who can do other generic stuff.
  3. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

    Top marks to the Service dept at Crewe Audi.
    The boys and gals there gave high standard of customer care, always arranged Courtesy cars no probe, the ladies on reception very friendly, plying me with endless cups of tea, and the service guys always updating me on progress.
  4. The Governor

    The Governor Active Member

    I went to Southampton Audi a few weeks back for a service.

    Got a loan car easily enough, I really don't like the £1000 excess they put on the car, it makes me nervous even having it on the drive in case it's nicked, especially when they gave me an A5 Sline fully tricked out!

    I really don't like driving other peoples cars.

    That said, they didn't try and stitch me up for any dinks on the bodywork as I've had when using BMW.

    I was a bit conflicted on arrival, as an average bloke it's always welcome to be greeted by name someone dressed as a **** (I'm exaggerating of course).

    As a father of two girls, I don't really need the implied misogyny of being greeted by name by a young dolly bird. I'm pretty capable of walking the 6 yards to the reception desk on my own thanks, I don't really need the dealership to demean someone on the way.

    Service was fine, they didn't solve my speak rattle, but to be fair it's a reasonably tough one to find as it only resonates at certain speed...

    Oh and I love how the lads on the service desk speak normally to each other but when talking to customers they adopt this really odd, stilted accent and dialect. Seriously, I'm much happier if you talk to me like a normal human being, I'm not impressed by fake well-spoken accents.

    So overall, I'm okay using them, just maybe dial down the sexism a bit though?

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