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Good experience with Prestige Cars Sunningdale

jimmo Feb 14, 2013

  1. jimmo

    jimmo Member

    I didn't see a "Dealer" sub-forum, so I'm popping this here.

    I just wanted to give a shout out in appreciation of the service I received from Prestige Cars Ltd. in Sunningdale down here. They sold me my 2010 S3 Black Edition for a fair price (based on what others of the same spec/mileage were going for in Autotrader) and were a pleasure to deal with. Polite, accommodating and happy to deliver whenever it suited me.

    In particular, I wanted to call out their after-sales service. I discovered a problem with the parking sensors after the car was delivered, which Audi themselves wouldn't touch, despite the car still having a few months of warranty left, because they felt the sensors might have been knocked. The folks at Prestige said they'd sort it without any quibbling at all.

    Fair enough, they did say they'd guarantee every car for 3 months anyway but it was still a relief to get it sorted without having to push at all!

    But here's the bonus - I was planning to replace the discs and pads as they were fairly well lipped and they said that if I brought the discs and pads in, they'd put them on the car while they were working on it...and without charging me a penny of labour. Audi wanted well over £800 to do the job (parts + labour). Sweet!! :)

    So, props to them for good service.

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