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Good evening all, new 8L A3 owner (And a Honda Convert)

Porker Sep 11, 2011

  1. Porker

    Porker New Member

    Hi all, just a quick hello from me.

    I've always been a Honda driver (I've had 7 of them and loved them) I'm also Admin on the biggest Civic Owners forum in the UK. I've been on the lookout for an EP3 Civic Type R for my wife and only been able to find higher mileage abused cars in our range.

    Luckily (or not) I work in the motor trade (Renault salesman, don't kill me) and just this week a chap traded in an A3 for a new Clio as he couldn't insure his A3 for his 17 year old son.

    Long story short, I loved the look of the car, especially the interior and decided it would be the perfect daily car for my wife!

    It's an 03 plate 1.9TDI SE 130. I think the colour is Dolphin Grey??

    Interior is full Alcantara and is sublime. Just needs a couple of bits sorting, then lowering a Remap is in order.

    Anyway, a couple of pics


    Thanks for looking :)


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