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Good Deal?

A3_SSS May 8, 2009

  1. A3_SSS

    A3_SSS Member

    Im potentially looking at purchasing a 3dr A3 2.0Tdi 170 Black Edition and have been given the following quote:

    Car Cost - 10% discount and incl options: £23,284.00
    Deposit: £7,284
    Balance left: £16,000
    Payments on PCP at 12K miles: £304.48pm x 36= £10,961.28
    Balloon at end: £10,133.89
    Total cost to buy at end=£28,379.17

    Does the above sound reasonable?
    If I was to buy the car it would mean paying £5K over the cars price.
    Am I looking at this correct? Do people usually buy the car at the end of the term?
    Also, what do 3 year old A3 Slines go for?

    To be honest not sure how these work so a dummy's guide would be useful from anyone knowledge members here.
  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    all depends on if you want to keep the car after 3yrs or not

    if you don't then its worth while seeing as you don't need to worry about selling it on etc.

    if you are going to keep it then i would get a bank loan instead as the interest a bank will charge will be less than 5K over 3 yrs!
  3. pns2007

    pns2007 Moonstone Grey VCDS Map User

    If after 3 years you hand the car back (and thats supposing its in an acceptable condition to the dealer and the milage is within limits) you will have forked out 18K, Thats 6K per year! and nothing to show for it afterwards. If you keep it you will need to add the cost of the finance for the remainder of the time you own the car. Its alot of money. Get some quotes for a loan over 4 or 5 years as a comparison. With a PCP you will pay admin fees and documents fees, with a loan you usually don't. Will you do 12K miles a year, if not, the residual balance could be higher which may reduce your monthly fee, although don't go over the milage unless you decide to keep it. I think 'what car magazine' say that a car will be worth 40-50% of its original value after 3 years. What about leasing, it might be cheaper per month and you won't have the deposit to pay up front. Make sure you get GAP insurance to cover the 3 years, oh, and don't buy it from Audi like I did as it costs a fortune!!!
  4. I'mRonBurgundy?

    I'mRonBurgundy? Lets make that kitten purr...

    Seems expensive to me.

    I'm on a PCH deal through Freeway, a Bank of Scotland company (though they've stopped doing car finance now - another victim of crunching credits) and paid/pay over 4 years:

    £1k Deposit.
    £340 PM
    £8k Guaranteed Future Value

    For me this seemed reasonable enough (although I didn't try too hard) and I had the benefit of not being tied to one manufacturer. Now they've closed I guess I'll either hand it back or sell it when my contract's up.
  5. Munnzzz

    Munnzzz Top Gear

    Seems very expensive, i pay £290 over 5 years but i own the car at the end of it! Whats the interest rate for the finance? You should be able to get a competitive rate seem as the base rate is so low at the moment?
  6. BenUK

    BenUK Member

    I dont mean to hijack your thread, but I wanted to ask more or less the exact same question, so I hope you wont mind.

    I have seen a;

    3-door A3 TDi 170 sport
    2008 plate,
    3400 miles,
    Lava Grey,
    17" "star shaped" alloys.

    £17,450 from Audi dealership.

    The gutting thing is, that I saw a car more or less exactly the same as this at a dealer 5 minutes from me, exact same spec, except this one had 7000 miles and was up for £17,000, but its sold. Is 3500 miles less worth £450 extra? Anyway, its a moot point now so it doesnt matter.

    But does it look a good deal?
  7. KatieKatie

    KatieKatie Member

    Not neccesarily... depends on the deal 1k miles typically = £80-90

    Take a look at some of the Quattro 170 bhps... they are just so much better on take off and handling but you do lose a bit of mpg but save a bit on front tyres!!

  8. BenUK

    BenUK Member

    Again, not wanting to hijack the thread (my apologies).

    As a concept, Quattro is great, but the heavier car, combined with the higher fuel consumption isn't good. Having said that, I have never driven a quattro or any 4 wheel drive car before for that matter. I think its hard enough to find a decent 170, finding a 170 then a quattro is going to be hard unless I want to spend mega money, which I dont have to be honest.

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