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Good and bad news...

jonmusicman Dec 15, 2006

  1. jonmusicman

    jonmusicman Member

    The bad news first, The Special Edition has been cancelled. Yes, I was like a screeming kid throwing it's toys out the pram but it was a bit more than we could afford. My dealer did all they could but at the end of the day, it came down to "her in doors".

    The good news... Ive just paid my deposit for a "55" plate 2.0Tdi S/Line in Mauritius blue with light grey cloth. Its got rear parking sensors, phone kit and BOSE. I have ordered cruise, centre arm rest and the Ipod adapter. Xenon lights will be fitted shortly and may be a sat nav stereo????

    Is the Audi "nav" the one to go for? Or is there a better "large DIN" unit which is better that will work with the BOSE?

    Why oh why do they still put a cassette deck in their cars? How **** is that?

    I should pick it up next friday. Can't wait!!!
  2. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    The audi DVD nav (rns-e) is pretty good and will work with bose (as will any of the head units). I wouldnt pay the 1900 premium for one as a facotry fit since a retrofit can be done for about a grand.
    All that retrofit stuff seems a bit ott though...Cruise is a good aftermarket fit but i wouldnt bother with the rest vs. the cost.

    Sure you'll like it though..

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