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Golf Mk5 Headunit install ????

simfin Dec 13, 2004

  1. simfin

    simfin New Member VCDS Map User


    Have just ordered the Double DIN to single DIN adapter from VW for my MK5, and now will be fitting a new headunit.

    Anyone on here had any experience with a MK5 as they have the CAN bus which controls - ignition on/off - Lights Dimmer - Speed Pulse.

    So obviously I am unable to get a straight wiring adapter. Getting a switched +12v should be fine, and not too bothered about the speed pulse - but for the light dimmer, do the head units that use this function just look for a +ve signal (which I could find from a dashboard light??)

    ALSO - on the back of the VW stereo there are 2 Aerial sockets - Why 2? and how should I wire to a conventional headunit?

    Any help/experiences much appreciated.

  2. monty77

    monty77 Member

    Sorry to Hijack but what does the double>single DIN adapter looks like? Part number? Price?

    ...I want to put a std HU in my 2001 S3 which has a double DIN OEM stereo in it.

  3. simfin

    simfin New Member VCDS Map User

    Not sure it would fit your car ???

    But I have to say the quality is Excellent - It is VAG part, and comes with a cubby hole underneath which has a rubber/dimpled anti slip mat. I checked out VW before Autoleads etc, and could not belive it was only £14 + vat - cheaper than the autoleads.

    p/n 1T0 051 058 A

    HAving done some more checking it would appear I need a CAN bus adapter to solve the power/light/speed pulse issues. Looks like it could be expensive /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif . Unless someone knows something different.

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