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Golf mk4 drivers foot well water ingress

aky20 Mar 5, 2011

  1. aky20

    aky20 Member

    Hi All,

    My uncle currently has a V reg VW Golf 5 door 1.6 but seems to be getting water ingress from the drivers door somewhere, which is leaving the drivers foot well soaking wet and the water is running to the rear. My initial thoughts were the plastic membrane behind the door panel has been punctured but on pictures of the door panel I have seen online I can’t see one.
    Has anyone else experienced the same problem or is aware of what the issue is and how I can go about resolving this.
    Your assistance is greatly appreciated !!!
  2. S3-SiB

    S3-SiB Member

    Common problem, its coming in through the pollen filter. So check it out.
  3. MOOSH

    MOOSH Member

    Comes in the doors as well, the fix is remove the trim and seal round the inner frame which holds the window regulator. Do all 4 doors mate.
  4. S3-SiB

    S3-SiB Member

    Other thing it may be, which I have seen from my experience is, between the door and wing (by the hinge) there is a rubber parts with a hole on it that will drape one way. This is a drainage route for water from the roof to come off. Some people run a cable through and block it, others turn it upside down out of curiosity, without knowing its function and end up with water now sipping into the footwell rather than straight out and down the outside body of the car.
  5. Tekara

    Tekara New Member

    Didnt realise Mk5's were that bad

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